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Anonymous Questionnaire

Anonymous Questionnaire
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  • Did you have any Kaposi lessons before the starting of the anti-retroviral treatment?
  • If YES, did you notice a diminution of these lesions under antiretroviral treatment?
  • Starting of an antiviral therapy (official or alternative)
  • Under which antiviral therapy are you today?
  • alternative treatments
  • Efficiency of your treatments: for the last year, did you notice on your checkup
  • Biological
  • Clinical
  • Did you notice a decrease of your libido under antiretroviral treatment
  • Do you follow a prophylaxy of opportunistic infections?
  • Your biological analysis today:
  • Did you ever stop your antiviral treatment?
  • when you had a viral load:
  • For how long?
  • Did you ever break the prophylaxy of opportunistic infections?
  • What were the reasons that motivated the stop of the antiviral treatment?
  • What were the consequences of the stop of the treatment on:
  • the absolute number of CD4 cells:
  • the viral load
  • the apparition of opportunistic infections:
  • Apparition of one or several opportunistic infections:

  • When returning to the same treatment, efficiency reappeared:
  • concerning the CD4 cells:
  • concerning the viral load:
  • Would you like to participate to protocoles with intermittent or alterned treatment with determination of the viral load and CD4 cell count every 15 days?
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