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Nov 13
Our new website!
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We are very pleased to announce our new website to the world!


This has been long overdue as the old website was no longer adequate to meet today's standards with Web 2.0. The old website will still be available as it still contains all the information our users have come to read and understand. In time we will be copying everything to this new site. We ask our users to please be patient, as this is a slow and time consuming process.


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C.88-Mimétisme moléculaire

C.88-Mimétisme moléculaire entre le core du virus de l'hépatite C,le ligand de Fas, la phalloïd...

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C.81-Voltage-gated sodium N

C.81-Voltage-gated sodium Na+ channel allostery as the basis for the scorpion venom model of AI...

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C.80-AIDS Vaccine Thai RV 1

C.80-AIDS Vaccine Thai RV 144 . Correlate of Protection: Envelope gp120 v2 Loop, Which Induces ...

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C.66. Scorpion model of Inf

Hemagglutinin (HA) contains a scorpion toxin, binding to voltage-gated sodium Na+ channel: Na+ ...

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