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Written by Adrien Caprani   
Monday, 08 December 2014 11:56
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Information published in the monthly "Votre Santé" from June 2014 No. 25 (www.vousetvotre
On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of HIV in May 2013 at the Pasteur Institute, the association "Positifs", which I chair, met with Dr. GK Prakask. He had moved to India with in his wallet, revolutionary results of AIDS to healing. The exchanges we had convinced us of the seriousness and the major interest of his discovery.

But he was not heard by the Pasteur Institute. He has not been allowed to present his discovery that could save lives. It is true that the announcement of its work would have eclipsed the discoverers of HIV, organizers of this event. The information has been brought to the attention of the participants in the Pasteur corridors.

Fortunately, Dr. Prakash could make his treatment to the last of the International Aids Society Conference (IAS) Kuala Lumpur1. His treatment combines 9 plants of the traditional Indian medicine known to have antiviral properties and / or immunostimulatory and silver nanoparticles, tin and other mineral compounds. It has cured more than 10 patients, thirty other is being processed to date.
On the occasion of communication that I made last May to the group of therapeutic strategies ANRS2 chaired by Catherine Katlama, where I described the terms of an effective protocol, non-toxic and low coût3, I informed the group of the outstanding results achieved by Dr. Prakash, by asking the group therapeutic strategies ANRS an assessment of Prakash work to provide confirmation of the results it has achieved. I did the same by mail with JF Delfraissy, director of the ANRS, letter remained unanswered. I feel that this information was deliberately suppressed by the ANRS, whereas it should have verified the accuracy of the findings of Dr Prakash emergency. I also alerted Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and found myself once again in front of the wall of conformism and orthodoxy. It is clear that the therapeutic approach of Prakask is not consistent with our Western standards, even if traditional medicine revisited with avant-garde techniques, for which Western medicine is failing. In thirty years, no significant results on the eradication of the virus was achieved despite the considerable financial means used.

To date, only one patient was cured in the West - in Berlin - with an extremely heavy official treatment. Overhyped, no attempt to reproduce this case has succeeded.

Before this omerta, corresponding to the advocacy of a world that lives and are financially and AIDS, I thought to inform scientists, above all suspicion for confirmation of the results of Prakask, namely our two Nobel Prize: Françoise Barre-Sinoussi and Luc Montagnier. Francoise Barre Sinoussi evaded my request for a confirmatory test and is scrolled using a pitiful argument: the work of Prakask are not published in major international journals. But she knows that the major medical journals are controlled by pharmaceutical lobbies and the editorial board of the journals that evaluate publications submitted to them working on the same subjects. They do not want to be overtaken by competitors and losing their research topic.
As for Luc Montagnier, René Olivier's assistant sent him my file there nine months. We are still waiting back!

I thought that there was sufficient honest scientists to break the wall of silence; but I realized clearly that only the media and the pressure of associations could possibly require official health bodies validation work Prakash. Unfortunately, the major  french associations fighting against AIDS, and more surprisingly, Médiapart, the donor lessons, I have informed responded to me on the eradication of the virus. This criminal behavior can be explained by conditioning by pharmaceutical lobbies and the world of medical research, it is IMPOSSIBLE, with official approach to cure AIDS in the short term. For associations, this is in addition to their survival if the results were confirmed Prakash. For my part, I am willing to use the treatment Prakash. It costs € 3,000. It's just for a cure, when we know that a quarter of treatment in France returns to € 3,000. In comparison, the treatment of Dr. Prakash is less than two hundredths of a second official treatment currently uses and manages the life sick with toxic molecules, although I think that all healing with Prakash treatment will be considered by the official AIDS as a healing spontaneous.

Today, I would like to share the results of Prakash to convince our authorities to perform a test of a very low cost and no risk to the patient. It is urgent to break the wall of silence to limit global carnage that has lasted too long.

Dr. Adrien CAPRANI, President of Positives, honorary director of research at CNRS, member of the IAS and EACS

1-Metal nanoparticles Reduce intracellular HIV-1 replication and Stimulate growth of HIV-1 infected PBMC. 7th Conference of the International AIDS Society (IAS) on HIV, treatment and prevention - Kuala Lumpur (30 June to 3 July 2013)
Search 2-agency ANRS (France Search North & South Hepatites HIV-AIDS).

Publications Prakash

Treatment against AIDS discovered by the Indian team of Dr. Prakash

Treatment "mmp (metal- mine-ral-phytotherapy)" presented at the 7th Conference of the International AIDS Society (IAS) on HIV held in Kuala Lumpur from 30 June to 3 July 2013, the prevention and treatment of HIV is very promising. This is an original treatment discovered by the Indian team of Dr. Prakash. It combines 9 plants in traditional Indian medicine known to have antiviral properties and / or immunostimulatory and nano silver, tin, iron and other mineral compounds. The clinical results were published1. I personally considers these reliable results.
Currently over 30 asymptomatic patients following the protocol developed by Dr. Prakash team. They tend to confirm the results.

Viral load increased from 54 000 to T = 0 to undetectable at 30 months and remains untreated for more than a year. CD4 pass 360 to T = 0-810 and at 30 months to 42 months to 990 (without processing of the 30th to the 42nd month). The CD4 / CD8 ratio goes from 0.43 at T = 0 @ 0.75 A 30 months 0, from 85 to 42 months. The proviral DNA (PBMC and lymph nodes) disappears and remains undetectable 30 months to 42 months in the absence of treatment. Complete blood count, kidney and liver function normal throughout follow-up. No OI and tumors. According to Prakash, there 3 Synergistic action mechanisms:

1. It is a DIS-integrase of HIV-1, that is to say, it removes the integrated HIV-1 in DNA; in short, it eliminates the HIV-1. It does the opposite of HIV integrase-1. So it is conceptually a revolution, because until now there is no drug to remove the HIV-1 once it is built. MMP stimulates gene, and this stimulation leads to the cleavage and removal of the foreign DNA of the cell. "DIS-integrase: HIV-1 is dormant in our body; Stimulates the molecule my share of disintegrase and Eliminates the integrated foreign DNA. "The mmp is usable in cancer.

2. It has an immunological action.

3. It is antiviral (theoretically, any integrated viruses other than HIV-1 can be removed, for example, HPV, the poliomavirus, etc.).

Healing hoped-AIDS could become a reality by an original way  of HIV eradication

1. The publications are available online at .

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